Whitetail Deer for Sale

Landowners, brokers and breeders are able to find white-tailed deer for sale due the increased popularity of white-tailed deer hunting over the past several decades. The demand for big antlers by whitetail hunters was spurred by success stories about whitetail management as well as deer hunting shows that now seem to run 24 hours a day. And let's face it, who doesn't enjoy seeing and watching quality whitetail? Research has found that antler characterisitics in white-tailed deer are highly heritable, meaning populations can be managed to produce and grow larger antlers. This is most evident in deer breeder facilities, where line breeding has concentrated both bucks and does with the genes to produce giant, monster whitetails.

Buying Deer for Genetic Improvement

Biologists will tell you that a person can manage the deer and habitat found on his or her property to produce a more healthy deer herd with bigger bucks. It's true. Bucks will become larger, however, the changes observed may not be as significant as desired by the landowner. Some may want to "jumpstart" the quality of deer found on their land. It is at this point that finding deer for sale with genetically superior antler characteristics can help improve the whitetail herd found on a property.

Is buying deer right for everyone? No, but when done properly deer stocking can skyrocket the genetic potential of the local deer herd, increase the number of big bucks harvested and elevate the overall enjoyment of deer hunting on a property. In addition, it's often less expensive than you think.

The Deer Breeding Industry

The demand for genetically superior deer, including bucks with large antlers, is the reason numerous deer breeers are found throughout the country. This is why breeders offer deer for sale. There is no supply without demand. However, not everyone is in favor of whitetail deer breeding. The constant opposition to deer farming by a vocal minority of misguided individuals has created a climate where the facts are easily distorted.

It is important to remember that pen-raised deer are classified as domestic livestock, not wildlife. Wild, free-ranging deer can not be captured and put into pens. It's illegal. The fact is that most white-tailed deer are free-ranging. This can be confusing to some that disagree with deer breeding, but it is no different than bison, ducks, fish, pheasants and other species where breeding programs exists, where most are wild and some are pen-raised.

White-tailed Deer

White-tailed deer are the smallest members of the North American deer family. Whitetail are found from southern Canada to South America. They are an important part of the landscape in all areas where they are found. During summer months deer often use fields and meadows, searching for forbs high in protein, but whitetail deer are primarily browsers. Read more...

Types of Deer for Sale

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